The Gardens by Tyson Anthony Roberts

Regional Landscapes
by Tyson Anthony Roberts at Delta Workshop in Sacramento, CA, runs through May 4, 2014. The opening reception is tomorrow — Saturday, April 12 from 6-8pm. Roberts writes:

“Landscapes provide an array of environments and familiar imagery to work with as a starting point. From here, elements of abstraction, color theory and spontaneity are merged to form rural and urban scenes that appear as if in constant transition, taking the viewer from what was to what may be. It is through this idea of continual movement by which my work suggests that the places we know are always changing, whether we are ready for them to or not.”

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Popular Science magazine updated their classic Norman Rockwell cover from 1920 to a super cool new 2014 version.

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* Alfred Kubin (1877-1959)

* Into the Unknown (1900-01)

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Carl Palme (Swedish, 1879-1960), Bergsby i Abruzzo [Mountain village in Abruzzo], 1911. Oil on canvas, 60 x 61 cm.

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Matt Connors - No Input (yellow, blue, green), 2013

acrylic on canvas

152.4 x 121.9 cm / 60 x 48 in

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Gouache on paper

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Léopold & Rudolf Blaschka's Glass Models of Invertebrate Animals 

© Guido Mocafico/Hamiltons Gallery/Natural History Museums of Dublin and Geneva

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pixel liar turned 3 today!

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Konstantin Gorbatov
By The Lake

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